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1. All the Awake Animals Are Almost Asleep

This book takes readers through their ABCs with the help of some sleepy animal friends. As these creatures cuddle with family members and drift off to bed in their natural habitats, kids will learn to identify a variety of animals, from antelopes to zebras (with a few lesser known species such as the ibex and the urubu).

+ All the Awake Animals Are Almost Asleep $12.75

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2. The Little Island

Written by the author of Goodnight Moon, this book offers a delightful, quiet appreciation of nature and life on an island. A curious little kitten explores the island, but the book truly focuses on the wildlife that lives there and changes through the seasons. The Little Island also includes a subtle message for preserving pristine wildlife.

+ The Little Island from $6.29

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3. Care For Our World

With charming pictures of people and animals in habitats across the globe, Care For Our World is a sweet way to introduce young children to the idea that we are all a part of the Earth and are its stewards. Written in rhyme, Care gently urges readers to work together and with the Earth to care for all living creatures. The book is stand-alone or comes as part of a set.

+ Care for Our World $16.95

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4. It’s Time To Sleep, My Love

The images in this book are appropriately dreamlike. The rhyming book relies on heavy repetition of its title to lull readers into a calm state, while allowing the animals to voice their approval for a chance to rest and rejuvenate. Your tot will undoubtedly be rubbing his own eyes and settling down after seeing all the other members of the animal kingdom doing so.

+ It’s Time To Sleep, My Love from $7.19

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5. Green Start Book Towers: Little Nursery Rhymes

All the books in the Green Start Book Towers series are made from 98% recycled materials and feature bold and colorful graphics. The Green Start Book Towers: Little Nursery Rhymes edition is a great option for your littlest “readers” as it features favorite and well-known nursery rhymes. Each book tower features 10 books so parents and kids can pick different options every night.

+ Green Start Book Towers: Little Nursery Rhymes $10.94

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6. Buddha at Bedtime

Although this book is called Buddha at Bedtime, the morals and allegories are universal and definitely not devoted to one religion in particular. With bright and bold illustrations and numerous stories, which offer lessons on everything from loyalty to kindness towards animals, this collection is wonderful for getting children to think deeply on how we treat one another and the Earth. A new book, the The Buddha’s Apprentice at Bedtime, continues with more life lessons woven into tales of compassion.

+ Buddha at Bedtime from $40.11