1. Recycle Baby Socks Into Bunnies, Chicks and Eggs

If you’ve got a baby, then odds are you’ve got a mountain of baby socks. There’s very little you can do with this mountain, but we’ve got one super-clever and cute idea for you. Put your crafty skills to good use and make some adorable bunnies, chicks and eggs out of those tiny socks. If you’re new to DIY crafts, no worries this project is almost as easy as pie.

2. Join thredUP and Trade Clothing

thredUP is a really useful clothing exchange program designed especially for social networking savvy parents. thredUp helps you switch out used clothing for nearly new, gently used pieces. Best of all, this clothing exchange is practically free.

3. Make Your Own ‘Owly’ Plush Toy

This project is so easy a child could do it. No joke – in fact, a child is exactly who created this adorable DIY owl project and it’s a cute way to reuse any fabric you have laying about, including used baby clothing into a sweet plush toy for the very kids who just outgrew the clothing.

4. Soft Book of Colors

Homegrown Happy blogger and mama came up with, hands down, one of the coolest and most unique uses for leftover fabric ever – a beautiful handmade Baby’s Soft Book of Colors. This is an amazing project, and one you could easily create with outgrown baby clothing. Talk about double duty! Not only can your baby wear her clothes, but now she can learn her colors from them too! If you make your own crafty book of colors, be sure to add photos of it to Homegrown Happy’s Flickr Group.

5. Fabric Flowers

If you’ve got a sewing machine, and a free afternoon, you can make a bunch of lovely repurposed fabric flowers for the nursery, courtesy of an excellent tutorial by mama and blogger Kirsten at green… is the new blue. This is a perfect baby clothing reuse project because any number of lovely colors and textures of clothes can be used. I think it’d be sweet to make some of these for a nice garland in the nursery or make some as a gift for a new mama.

6. Donate

Of course an obvious way to clean your baby’s drawers and do something nice for your community is to donate your used baby clothing to a charity of your choice. It’s an easy decision. One, people will give you many more baby clothes than you could ever use, and two, many babies go without the proper clothing they need. Your donations do help children in need. Check for donation organizations in your community such as Salvation Army or Goodwill or look in your phone book, or online for specific family-minded shelters, thrift stores, and children-based organizations.

[images: header © thecliff1973; soft baby book © Homegrown Happy; Fabric Flower © green… is the new blue; donation © I Should Be Folding Laundry]