Child Trek

The award-winning Child Trek specializes in high-quality, safe, eco-friendly toys for children from birth to 12 years old. Almost everything they sell is made with sustainable materials free of BPA, phthalates, vinyl, and PVC. One of the unique traits of Child Trek is that beyond larger eco-friendly toys, they also carry a huge amount of affordable little eco-toys that make great stocking stuffers or small birthday favor treats. For example, they carry one of our favorite products crayon rocks, along with other small goodies like Mushroom Kaleidoscopes and Educo Little Autos value packs.


  • Gift registry
  • Extremely pleasing, easy to manage website design, that’s updated seasonally (rare, but cool).
  • Parents’ corner tips and advice
  • Search by made in USA or made in Europe.
  • Very in-depth product descriptions that share product details, safety news, manufacturer perks and other info.
  • Loyalty Rewards Program that allows you to earn points (cash) towards future purchases.

There’s mostly great stuff and almost no cons about this fun online toy shop.

+ 16 Crayon Rocks $7.99

+ Child Trek

Blueberry Forest Toys

Blueberry Forest Toys offers a selection of quality handmade toys, playhouses, baby gifts, organic baby toys, games, tricyles and kid-powered/pedal-powered ride-on toys, books and many other childhood treasures.


I think the Blueberry Forest Toys website could be better. It’s one of those long, scrolling sites and it can take a while to find what you need. Also, I’ve run into my fair share of broken links, which is disappointing when you see a cool toy on the homepage, then click it, and nothing. Still, technical issues aside, this store is an overall enchanting place to get beautiful toys for the holidays.

+ Fairy Forest Lodge (sans dolls and furniture) $79.95

+ Blueberry Forest Toys


It’s no big secret that we LOVE Etsy here at Inhabitots. Etsy rocks, because you’re supporting artists and craftspeople who make wonderful handmade goods. No big corporations, no mass produced toys and usually low prices. Some of our favorite eco-Etsy products include wooden games, lovely wooden cars and blocks, gorgeous and safe baby teethersoutdoor fun and more.


  • Support of local living economies and small businesses.
  • Beautiful, often one-of-a-kind products.
  • Everything you need, all in one place. From stockings to toys to holiday treats.
  • fabulous blog that promotes the best local artists.
  • Shop feedback and reviews from customers.
  • Unique product galleries to browse.
  • Well-laid out product search categories and a fairly easy to search website.

An Etsy downside is that not everything is eco-friendly. You always need to read the specific crafter’s profile to make sure you know what you’re getting. Also, some crafters mislabel. For example, if you search for “organic” on Etsy, real organic products don’t always show up. It’s best to head to Etsy with a clear idea of what your version of sustainable is. Visit Team Eco-Etsy to get a better idea of what’s available.

+ Wooden Toy Rainbow Stacker $25.00

+ Etsy Shop: Imagination Kids

+ Etsy


Palumba specialize in organic, natural, sustainably built, handmade children’s items created from all natural materials. One of the coolest things about Palumba is that they don’t overwhelm you with an insane amount of goods. They carry smaller, very specific product collections, meant to encourage wholesome play and a peaceful home. The entire site has a nice minimalist approach.

  • 80% of Palumba toys are made in the USA.
  • Any toys made out of the USA are crafted by Fair Trade Cooperatives.
  • Toys sold are completely free from toxins or unsafe parts and are heirloom quality.
  • Awesome home-minded items beyond toys that encourage a healthy household.
  • The go-to shop for fans of beautiful Camden Rose products, like the sweet Table Top Kitchen shown above.

Overall, Palumba is one of the prettiest, most minimal, yet still useful, toy shops on the web.

+ Table Top Kitchen in Cherry or Curly Maple $99.99

+ Palumba

Inhabitat Shop

We know, it’s a wee bit shameless of us to list our own shop, but, honestly, there’s no better way to pick the best of the best green toys, then to do it yourself. The Inhabitat Shop is a carefully curated online marketplace dedicated to future-forward sustainable design for kids and adults alike. The goal is to offer real eco-friendly product ideas at a fair price. There are dollhouses, BPA baby bottles, sweet trikes and more to entice your child.


  • Quality green goods hand-picked by folks who review, write about and live with eco-products on a daily basis.
  • Easy to manage shop with simple navigation.
  • Green selections beyond toys, such as mama and baby products, as well as clothing, body care products and more.

What might be better is if we offered more products. However, the shop does try to feature only the coolest, best eco-goodies, so that does limit what we feel comfortable offering.

+ PlanToys Green Dollhouse with Furniture $179.99

+ Inhabitat Shop

Nova Natural

Nova’s core mission is to provide, “Natural toys and crafts that encourage every child’s individual and beautiful spirit to flourish.” They aren’t kidding. From handmade wooden legos to classic eco-art materials to colorful building blocks to dollhouses to toys that get your baby moving, Nova has it all.


  • Carries more than toys, such as organic Merino Wool baby clothing and green home products.
  • Easy to navigate website with clearly marked toy categories.
  • Gift wrap available for $5 flat.
  • Wish list function – so you can save awesome toys for later.
  • Origin and materials are clearly listed for each product.
  • Customer product reviews.

Other than zero free shipping, this shop is one of the best places online to score amazing, affordable and natural green toys.

+ Birch Wood Doll Stroller $55.00

+ Nova Natural

Lead image by enimal via sxc.