Hydro Powered Calculator

This super cool Hydro Powered Calculator isn’t perfectly green (plastic casing) but you have to admit, a water powered device like this is fun and intriguing for dad and kids. The water-powered batteries inside this calculator consists of two electrodes made of special alloys, which, when immersed in water, produce electricity through a chemical reaction.  To recharge the calculator, simply refill the battery as the water evaporates. Geek-stylish green buttons round out the features of this cool little gadget.

+ Hydro Powered Calculator $9.99

+ Perpetual Kid

Feelgoodz Cinnaflopz

Dad’s feet aren’t always associated with nice smells, but they could be more so with Cinnaflopz. Cinnaflopz are sweet smellin’ flip flops made from all natural hemp, rubber with a dash of cinnamon thrown in for good measure. Not only does cinnamon smell great, but this spice is linked to positive physical and emotional health effects, including rejuvenation of the senses and reduced drowsiness and irritability. Great for around the house or on the go.

+ Feelgoodz Cinnaflopz $30.00

+ Feelgoodz

Bubble & Bee Manly Skin Treats

When you think of dad, you may not be thinking, “Oh, lotion and soap, what a great gift idea!” But, really doesn’t dad deserve a little pampering too? Bubble & Bee Organics makes some incredible man-friendly body care such as their certified organic lotion sticks in Coconut & Lime and Chai Guy made with all good stuff like organic beeswax, organic cocoa butter, organic extra virgin coconut oil and all-natural and organic fragrances. These scents aren’t girly and work great for guys. For example, my son is a super ‘boy’ – meaning he won’t get near anything flowery, pink or girly in the least and he LOVES the Coconut Lime lotion stick and even carries it with him to school. The fun lotion sticks are great for busy guys and fit right in their pocket or bag for smoother hands on the go. Bubble & Bee has some other great finds for guys too like their Certified Organic Face Cream (For Men) and body wash. They also have wonderful organic bar soaps (all dads take showers) in cool scents like Black Licorice, oatmeal spice and mint tea. Plus, although certified organic, your kid can find the perfect gift at Bubble & Bee for so much less cash than you’d expect.

+ Chai Guy 100% Organic Lotion Stick $7.95

+ Coconut & Lime 100% Organic Lotion Stick $7.95

+ Bubble & Bee Organic

Klean Kanteen Insulated

Save the planet from disposable paper cup trash and indulge Dad’s coffee habit this Father’s Day with an eco-friendly, reusable insulated container from Klean Kanteen. The 16 oz. size fits any coffee drink perfectly (or tea or soup) and is made with safe, BPA-free food grade stainless steel. The double-walled vacuum insulated bottle keeps drinks INSANELY hot (trust me, we have one at home) for hours on end. Plus the bottle is stylish, comes in a rainbow of color choices and a leak-proof cap.

+ Klean Kanteen Insulated $25.95

+ Klean Kanteen

Recycled Playing Cards

Kids who like to play games with Dad can score this beautiful deck of eco-cards for very little cash. Made with sustainable forest papers, starch-based laminating and vegetable-based inks, these Bicycle® Eco Edition Playing Cards are fully recyclable and great for hours of go fish, card house building and more.

+ Bicycle® Eco Edition Playing Cards $4.99

+ Bicycle Cards

Lead Image by Flickr User kdinuraj