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It’s time to start 2011 off on the right foot by setting New Year’s resolutions. This year my family decided to make green resolutions together for new year – resolving to things that we can do that will not only have a positive impact on the environment but also on our family relationship as well. Read on to find six resolution ideas that you may want to make this year with your family, or consider them inspiration for making your own.

1. Eat Together – Go Organic

If your family doesn’t already eat dinner together, every single night – I highly suggest adding this to the top of your green family resolutions list. Eating together as a family, creates a bond that lasts a lifetime. By adding more organic, plant-based meals to your menu in 2011, you will also have a positive impact on the environment. Chances are, if your family is eating healthy meals together every day, many of your other New Year’s resolutions will just fall into place.

2. Start a Family Green Book Club

Reading together as a family is another great way to bond. Taking the time to slow down at the end of each day to share stories of the environment and life on our planet is a great way to start families talking. And talking is the first step to making the changes necessary to have a positive impact on the environment. Not to mention that sharing stories opens the path of communication between family members.

eco baby, eco kids, green baby, eco baby, sustainable design for kids, green kids, green design for kids, jennie lyon, green resolutions
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3. Get Outdoors – Get Unplugged

In this day and age, it can be easy to get sucked into the screen, whether it’s the television, Facebook, Blackberry or Wii. Start this new year on the right foot by planning to spend more time in the great outdoors with your family, embracing the natural beauty that surrounds us all. My family plans to spend more time camping, bicycling, and playing in the surf.

4. Get Moving

Set time aside every day for your family to get moving together. Exercise is always more fun when done with someone else – especially your family. Whether it’s an after dinner stroll, bicycle ride, or Kinect bowling match – your family will become healthier while having fun at the same time. Children learn what they live, if they see you having a great time on the family hike, yoga class, or even while dancing in your own living room – they will see that fitness is fun.

5. Make a Community Effort

Another great way to get your family involved in protecting the environment is by exposing them to the issues that need resolution for the planet. Sign your family up for the monthly beach or park cleanup. Donate your time to a natural restoration project or participate in your community environmental fundraiser. Whatever way you choose to donate your time to the environment will make a positive impact on your family relationship and their relationship with the environment.

6. Complete Family Projects the Green Way

The next time that your family engages in a project, do it the “green” way. If your project is to build a raised garden bed in your backyard – source the lumber from your local resource center. If your family decides to make new pillows for the family room sofa – use linens that your family no longer uses or scour your local thrift store for fantastic vintage fabrics. Teaching your family to look for uses in things that are no longer being used in your home instills creativity and thriftiness.

What are your green family new year’s resolutions for 2011?