The only thing better than a brand new, ‘green’ toy, is one that transforms into six toys! Animated by sunshine, the 6 in 1 Solar Robot Kit is a great introduction to the use of alternative energy, solar power in particular, and the benefits of gadgets being multifunctional. It comes with large, easy to read, do-it-yourself instructions, and includes 25 parts that can be transformed into six different robotic toys: a robotic dog, boat, car, windmill and two types of airplanes (moving or desktop).

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The 6 in 1 Solar Robot Kit is easy enough for older children to assemble, requiring a limited amount of skill to bring all six versions to life. The best part of the construction process is that it requires no screws.

Transformers are all the rage… again. But if they really are intelligent life forms exiled from a dying planet, why didn’t they decide to take the shape of the 6 in 1 Solar Robot? Why choose fossil fuel hungry vehicles (Chevrolets no less), that have put planet earth at the brink of peril? We believe it’s all an intergalactic conspiracy concocted on planet Cybertron.

£13.00 – 6 in 1 Solar Robot Kit

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