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Charlie Banana Swim Diapers

Charlie Banana Swim Diapers have a waterproof outer layer and soft organic cotton interior lining. They are great for the pool, beach, and even potty training. The swim diapers come in 4 different sizes ranging from 11-55 pounds. Charlie Banana swim diapers come in an assortment of different colors and patterns with over 25 options to choose from.

+ Swim Diaper $11.88-$12.88

+ Charlie Banana

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Kushies Swim Diaper

Kushies makes a cute swim diaper great for the beach and pool. This diaper is designed to hold in solids only, so if your child is out of the water, they will need a diaper or insert. The swim diaper is made with quick drying nylon and a soft terry liner for comfort. The wrap style has an adjustable waist with added ties to ensure a secure fit. The Kushies Swim Diaper comes in four different sizes ranging from 6-50 pounds and is available in 12 different colors and patterns.

+ Reusable Swim Diapers $11.99

+ Kushies

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iPlay Swim Diapers

iPlay has a large variety of swim diapers including swim trunks, board shorts, tanksuits, ultimate swim diapers, and ruffle swim diapers. The board shorts, tanksuit, and swim trunks all have the ultimate swim diaper built in for protection. They range from 10-46 pounds. The swim diaper is made out of microfiber shell with coated poly-cotton and poly-wickaway lining, and a polyester, cotton, and nylon blend exterior. Again, not the most eco fabrics, but when searching for a waterproof swim diaper, a reusable option like this is still better for the planet than a disposable swim diaper.

+ Swim Diapers and Swimwear $12-$33

+ iPlay

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Imse Vimse Swim Diaper

Imse Swim Diapers can be worn as a swim diaper and a bathing suit. Their comfortable and snug fit prevents leaks. Imse Vimse swim diapers are made with a stretchy, soft nylon and a polyester lining and the legs and waist are wrapped in a soft lycra. They come with side snaps for super easy changing. The swim diapers are available in six sizes ranging from 6.5-44 pounds and come in 16 different prints and colors.

+ Swim Diaper $18.75

+ Imse Vimse

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Bummis Swim Diaper

Bummis swim diaper, Swimmi’s, are made with an inner layer of coated nylon sandwiched between two outer layers to keep messes contained. Their hook and loop closures offer a snug and comfortable fit. The swim diaper also contains a mesh polyester interior for easy clean ups and extra breathing room. Swimmis have five different cotton patterns to choose from in four sizes ranging from 9-30 pounds.

+ Swimmi $14.95

+ Bummis