green halloween, candy alternatives
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Eco Modeling Dough

Modeling dough is a great Halloween giveaway because it’s a treat that can last for weeks instead of seconds like a candy sugar rush. Purchase sets from eco-kids (they even have a gluten-free option now!) and divide them up to give one to each trick-or-treater or make your own play dough. You can even tint your DIY dough with fun holiday colors. Have kids create little Halloween ghosts, witches hats, and cats as a holiday party activity. Another homemade giveaway gift is goop: nothing says Halloween like gooey slimy stuff.

green halloween, candy alternatives

Halloween Rubber Stamps

After the candy is gone (whether it’s escaped into your child’s belly or crafted into haunted houses), cute Halloween stamps by Butterfly Fly like this sweet jack-o-lantern or this personalized cat stamp will be getting heavy use at your craft table. Post Halloween, kids can use stamps, crayons, markers, and stickers to make a little Halloween scrapbook with pictures of themselves and their friends as well as costume ideas and favorite treats. It’s a memento that will remind them of the holiday spirit long after that pillow sack is empty! So consider passing out little Halloween themed rubber stamps or stocking up on a few to use at home.

+ Jack-o-lantern Stamp $6.00

+ Personalized Halloween Cat Stamp $22.00

green halloween, candy alternatives

Festive Teether

Just because baby doesn’t have any teeth doesn’t mean she has to miss out on all the holiday fun. Let her teethe on a smooth, organic bat-shaped teether that has been left unfinished while the older kids trek from house to house. Smiling Tree Toys sources local and sustainable woods for their products, which also include these cute owl teether/rattles, finished with a homemade blend of beeswax and camelina oil (a native of flaxseed).

+ Bat Teether $12.00

+ Owl Teether/Rattle $15.00

+ Smiling Tree Toys


green halloween, candy alternatives

Mini Monsters

Halloween doesn’t have to be scary-put the silly back in the holiday with these mini monsters. Brightly colored and small enough to fit in a child’s hand, these cute felt monster pals come in a set of 12 unique critters and have been hand-sewn with googly eyes. Maybe keeping one of these cheerful monsters in your child’s pocket will keep the spooky ones away!

+ Set of 12 Handmade Mini Monsters $29.25

green halloween, candy alternatives

Spooky Finger Puppets

Etsy seller Cheryl A Smith has finger puppets galore, another Halloween treat that promotes creative play. Whether you give away the holiday-themed skeletons or mummies or ghosts or you choose one of her other finger puppets , a happy child be getting a hand-embroidered quality keepsake. The finger puppets can be purchased individually or in a set of 10.

+ Keepsake, handmade finger puppets $4.00-7.00

+ Set of 10 finger puppets $40.00

+ Cheryl A Smith

For other ways to have a greener Halloween, including the Halloween Buy Back program through which local dentists trade cash, toothbrushes, or coupons for candy loot and then donate the candy to troops overseas through Operation Gratitude, visit the Green Halloween™ site.

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