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Cloth Diaper Pail

Ubbi makes an amazing steel diaper pail and cloth pail liner that accommodates cloth diapers. The 13 gallon reusable pail liner locks odors in and is completely waterproof. The Ubbi diaper pail has a rubber seal to trap in odors and it has a innovative sliding lid so the air doesn’t get disrupted and odors escape. The Ubbi is available in 8 different fun colors to match every nursery.

+ Ubbi Diaper Pail $79.99

+ Ubbi Cloth Pail Liner $14.99

+ Ubbi

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Cloth Wipes

If you are cloth diapering, using cloth wipes is no biggie. You aren’t adding much more to your laundry and can throw them in your diaper pail with the diapers. You will need at least 10-20 washcloths or cloth wipes per day. So if you do laundry every 2-3 days, you’ll need at least 30-40 cloths. You will save tons of money on wipes and you can use your own non-toxic soap for your solution.

+Make Your Own Wipe Kit

+10 Pack Organic Wash Cloths $14

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Wet Bag

If you are going to change your baby’s diaper in different rooms, it’s easier to have multiple wet bags with a diaper pail in the main room. EcoMcPlanet makes a wet bag that has 2 snap handles that fit over your changing table, crib, or play yard. The large wet bag can hold 20-25 cloth diapers. The bag is waterproof and lined with PUL. It also has a zipper closing. You should also get several small wet bags to keep in your diaper bag for on the go changes.

+Custom Large Hanging Wet Bag $45

+Custom Small Wet Bag $18


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Hybrid Diapers

Hybrid diapers are amazing when on the go. Lots of parents choose to use disposable diapers when they are out since it’s more convenient. But with hybrid diapers, you get the best of both worlds. GroVia makes a hybrid that allows you to use reusable soaker pads, biodegradable biosoaker inserts, or other absorbant diapers/prefolds. The GroVia hybrid comes with a waterproof shell that can be used multiple times throughout the day. The soaker pads snap into the shell and they are available in organic cotton. The plastic-free biosoaker pads can be thrown out or composted.

+Hybrid Diaper $16.95


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Cloth Diaper Safe Detergent

Cloth Diaper safe detergents are a must have. Not all detergents are created equally and softeners, phosphates, enzymes, brighteners, dyes, fragrances, and bleach can ruin cloth diapers, lead to a nasty diaper rash, and cause build up. You especially want to avoid mainstream detergents. Not all detergents will work the same for everyone since you can have hard, soft, or regular water. It also depends on your washing machine. One of the most well known cloth diaper detergents is Rockin’ Green Soap. It is available in soft, hard, or classic rock formulas that smell amazing.

+Rockin’ Green Soap $14.95

+Rockin’ Green Soap

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Diaper Sprayer

If you aren’t using bioliners, a diaper sprayer is the best way to get poop off your diapers before putting into the wet bag. The bumGenius Diaper Sprayer easily attaches to your toilet so you can clean the dirty diaper into the comode. By washing the diaper off, you are cutting back on stains and odor buildup. Diaper Sprayers are also great for when potty training and you need to rinse off the potty.

+Diaper Sprayer $59.95


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Diaper Fastener

If you can’t afford a large cloth diaper stash, you might want to purchase a few waterproof covers along with prefolds. The best way to hold prefolds together are with Snappi Diaper Fasteners. They are pinless, non-toxic, and stretchy enough to to pull and keep both sides of the diaper together.  Snappis hold the diaper together with “teeth” on each end and allow more natural movements from the baby. They are available in 2 sizes in single, double, and triple packs.

Snappi Fasteners $3.95-$4.55

+Snappi Baby