Lisa Storms, Lucky Clover Patch, St. Patrick's Day Craft

Lucky Clover Patch

The Lucky Clover Patch by Lisa Storms is the perfect St. Patrick’s Day craft that can be displayed every year. We love the idea of writing what your child is thankful for on the clovers! You can “green” the craft a little by using scrap pieces of paper and using a thin box in place of the styrofoam.

shamrock sprouts, sprout sponge, housing a forest

Shamrock Sprouts

These clever Shamrock Sprouts we found at Housing a Forest spring to life with the aid of just a sponge (cut into the shape of a shamrock), seeds, and water. This is a great way to show your kids how seedlings can grow. You can even transplant the sprouts to soil once they have grown 3-4 inches.

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St. Pat’s Lucky Gold

Your children will love making their own St. Pat’s Lucky Gold rocks! The crafty mom behind Yesterday on Tuesday spray painted her rocks gold, but we recommend you use a non-toxic gold paint to achieve the same rich hue.

scrap paper rainbow, tot st. patrick's day craft, rainbow

Scrap Paper Rainbow

This is the perfect craft for younger children! Have them rip up some scrap pieces of colored paper and paste them into a rainbow. No Time for Flashcards even suggests using wrapping paper or having your child color brown grocery bags to round-out their rainbow.

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Toilet Paper Roll Shamrocks

Crafting a Green World turns ordinary toilet paper rolls into festive shamrocks. This is a simple craft that kids of all ages will enjoy creating. And it’s a great way to teach kids to reuse common household items!

Catch a Leprechaun

Everyone knows how sneaky and mischievous Leprechauns can be — especially around St. Patrick’s Day. They leave a trail of gold or green glitter footprints everywhere they go, and they can make a terrible mess when they’re looking for that pot o’ gold. This St. Patrick’s Day, be prepared and make a Leprechaun trap. If you trap one of these little men, you will have your choice of either his pot o’ gold or three wishes!

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Green Four Leaf Clover

Captain Fussy Buckets did this simple craft with her kids, and eager toddlers will have a blast covering the clovers! You can use any type of scrap paper to cut out clovers, then paste grass, clovers, stems, or anything else green on them. Tip: Take a nature walk as a family to collect fallen greenery to bring home to create your clover.

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