Ava Marsh has found extraordinary solace and communication through her art, despite having being diagnosed with autism at age four and a half. Now age seven, Ava has been a very prolific artist since she was young, at first communicating via drawings instead of speech. Now the budding artist is also an entrepreneur, teaming up with card designer Rebecca Tommasi to transform her drawings into a series of greeting cards for every occasion, whose proceeds help support the National Autistic Society.

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Since the age of three, Ava has been a very focused artist. When her mother Katharine noticed her speech delay, she discovered her daughter found a strong point by communicating with detailed artwork. Over the years, Katharine saved hundreds of Ava’s drawings, which featured people, animals, nature, fairytales and other adorable subjects dear to children. Art has become a therapy that helps Ava relate to the world.

The drawings became the topic of the beautiful greeting cards when designer Rebecca Tommasi began working with Ava and other autistic children at her school. Seeing her dedication and abilities with colored pencils, Tommasi asked to see more work. Inspired by the many colorful images, she thought a great way to celebrate Ava’s ability would be to offer them as cards, in sets of six. With editing help from Katharine, the original set of six was chosen. The team decided to continue the process, creating themed sets like the Royal Set, which shows colorful kings and queens, and of course a holiday set, among several others.

In addition to giving little Ava joy in seeing others enjoy her artwork, the team donates 10% of every sale to the National Autistic Society!

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