At 75, Chan Jae became saddened and depressed when his beloved grandchildren moved to America and Korea. His usual spark was replaced by hours of watching television, with no interest in his regular hobbies. His son remembered that Chan Jae loved to draw when he was younger, and so he came up with the idea for a “Drawings for my Grandchildren” account on Instagram. The grandfather was resistant at first, not understanding the connectivity of Instagram, but his wife soon convinced him to start the project.

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Each day, Chan Jae will spend an hour or so making a drawing or painting. Once he’s finished, he and his wife will upload it to Instagram, and also type out the story or anecdote Chan Jae has written about each piece. The grandfather shares his surroundings in Brazil with his three grandchildren: the view from his living room, a trip to the zoo, a brush with a child using virtual reality, a sports game, or illustrated memories from Korea and New York.

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Chan Jae’s Instagram has not only connected him with his grandchildren regularly, but has also left them a legacy of memories through his drawings and paintings.

+ Drawings for My Grandchildren

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