Smile and say… “treat!” Including a dog in a middle school yearbook isn’t a conventional choice, but for the kids at Good Hope Middle School in Louisiana, it was a natural decision. The lucky dog who has charmed many hearts is Presley, a service dog to Seph Ware. Seph, who lives with a progressive form of muscular dystrophy, and Presley are inseparable, and although this duo make for an adorable photo op, their bond goes far beyond appearances. Read on for more about how this sweet and hard-working goldendoodle came to be included in Seph’s family and in the school yearbook.

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Seventh grader Seph has Duchenne muscular dystrophy, which causes his muscles to become weaker, resulting in more spills and falls over time. Since Presley became Seph’s constant companion just over three years ago, she has helped Seph with daily activities, which include those at school. Presley is reportedly a model student at the middle school and “never bothers or disrupts anyone,” which is more than teachers can say about most of the human students in seventh grade!

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Presley has become such an integral and beloved part of the middle school that the yearbook adviser arranged for the pup to have her own photo session. Now Presley’s role as both the steadfast companion of Seph and a cheery canine classmate has been immortalized. Although most students don’t traditionally roll over for a belly rub when they are being posed for their school portraits, Presley eventually nailed the perfect pose when the photographer incorporated one of Presley’s helping duties for Seph into the session. Presley often holds her leash in her mouth so that Seph doesn’t have to reach down and get it himself — so the helpful pooch was happy to sit and stay in this familiar position while she was snapped.

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