Some people think crows are a bad omen, associating the dark birds with their long-held reputation of thievery. But an 8 year-old girl in Seattle has been cultivating a relationship with local crows for years, and she has some unconventionally delightful goods to show for it. Gabi Mann has been feeding crows in her neighborhood bits of food since she was four, and as her feedings became more regular, an interesting exchange began to take place. In return for their daily “meal” and water, the crows began sporadically gifting Gabi with bits and baubles. See Gabi’s collection of treasures bestowed by the birds after the jump.

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The small, often shiny trinkets have included an earring, a heart-shaped bead, LEGO pieces, buttons, rocks, even the camera lens cap Gabi’s mom lost on a recent neighborhood photography jaunt. Gabi keeps track of all the “gifts” from the crows, labeling them and organizing them in a bead storage container. A Washington scientist reports that a personal human/crow bond is actually quite possible as both parties can understand the other’s actions and signals, so while this may not be the first report of a human/crow bond, it certainly is one of the most endearing.

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Images © Lisa Mann and Katy Sewall