Over the years, the Make-A-Wish foundation has granted some amazing wishes — from arranging the always-popular visits to Disney World to engaging the residents of San Francisco to plan a city-wide, superhero-inspired caper to help a young cancer survivor become Batkid (and charm the world in the process). Eight year-old Amelia Meyer, a life-long nature lover who has brain cancer, chose a rather unusual and inspiring “wish”: she wished to take care of the world and recently lead an effort in her city to clean up four local parks. The Kansas City, Missouri resident’s environmentally-minded request had a ripple effect. Hundreds of volunteers showed up for the event on February 27th, which was named “Amelia’s Take Care of the World Day” by the mayor. Among the enthusiastic volunteers were Amelia’s classmates and friends, the fire department, the city’s police squad, local businesses, and various groups and sports teams from nearby universities. Amelia was pleasantly surprised by the number of volunteers who joined her in the day’s festivities, saying, “I thought there was just going to be some people, not this much.” Unsurprisingly, Amelia’s selfless dream to make the parks cleaner and safer for animals inspired others around the world, many of whom used #Ameliaswish to show how Amelia inspired them to clean up trash wherever they live. Both Amelia and her mother were thrilled with her special day: wish accomplished!

via Fox News Insider and WTVR

Images via Facebook and The Kansas City Star