Six year-old Ariah, a student in California, has received a new prosthetic hand inspired by a Disney movie, and amazingly designed and created by a group of eighth-graders. Students at the Deer Creek Intermediate School in Wisconsin heard about Ariah, who was born without a right hand, and decided to dedicate their robotics class to making her a prosthetic gift. Inspired by Ariah’s favorite movie Frozen, the students created a working blue and turquoise hand that bears the name “Queen Ariah” on the cuff.

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The eighth-grade students are a part of an innovative science program called FIRST, which teaches children sophisticated technologies like robotics and 3D printing. In the class, the kids worked with E-Nable, a prosthetics program that pairs children from around the world with potential prosthetics donors.

Once the children found out that Ariah loved the character Queen Elsa in Frozen, their theme for the prosthetic hand was decided. Using only $20 worth of materials, the students created a customized working hand, partially using 3D printing technology. The turquoise arm was printed with a myriad of snowflakes, as well as the name “Queen Ariah” on the side. The arm attaches to the blue hand, affixed with jointed prosthetic fingers.

The incredible project took students two months to complete, many giving up their lunch breaks to finish the prosthetic piece for Ariah. The students got to see the toil of their labor at work, having a Skype session with little Ariah and her family after she received her very own Disney inspired hand!

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