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Image via Etsy shop Fairy Elements

1. Lights

Can fairies see in the dark? No need to worry: these sweet walkway “lights” will guide them safely home. All they require are acorn tops, sparkly beads or balls, and some wire. We also love the multicolored path made from tree rounds.

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Image via Pinterest on The Magic Onions

2. Exterior details

There’s a lot to gain inspiration from here: the darling bunting in the background, the wooden door crafted from twigs and decorated with a twine wreath, a simple stone pathway, even mini landscape design elements. A dreamy, cozy home fit for the naturally minded fairy.

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Image © One Inch World via Pinterest

3. Chairs

We can see our kids wanting to make scores of these for all their little fairy friends. We’re happy to oblige since they require minimal materials: twigs and a hot glue gun. They are also sturdy enough for other dolls or miniatures to take a rest.

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Image © Think Crafts via Pinterest

4. Garden planters

These teeny garden pots (thimbles!) are almost too cute for words; the only things cuter are the tiny succulents that actually fit inside them!

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Image via Etsy shop Fairy Elements

5. Teepee

Even fairies like a little shelter when they are playing or napping outside. This teepee is too sweet; it makes great use of leftover sewing scraps. Knitters or crocheters could make a tiny rug for extra comfort.

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Image © Happiness is Homemade via Pinterest

6. Swing

What a perfect use for a lone car or truck wheel! This fairy garden creator crafted a tree from Fimo (a type of modeling clay), but you could easily attach it to an existing twig or branch as well.

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Image via Etsy shop Pandora Jane

7. Seashell furniture

Perhaps your garden fairy has mermaid dreams. These crafty chairs and table will make you glad you lugged home buckets full of ocean goodies from your last beach trip. We’ve also seen shells used for bathtubs, sinks, even fountains.

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Image © Twig and Toadstool Blogspot via Pinterest

8. Acorn tea set

When you ask a fairy if she’d like a “spot of tea,” you’ll really mean it: you can’t fit much more than a drop in this simply genius tea set. Kids will love dreaming up all the flavors they can serve from dandelion to basil-sunflower to (my kids’ favorite) clover stew.

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Image © Tiny Fairy Gardens via Pinterest

9. Hammock

If only making hammocks for humans was this easy. Again, all you need are a few sewing scraps and some string (or even strong dental floss) to create a lazy day hangout for fairy friends.

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