Hailey Ford’s summer plans are slightly atypical for the average 9 year-old: the Bremerton, Washington youth is happily devoting her time to do-gooding for the less fortunate in a very hands-on way. Hailey is currently creating 11 individual, hand-built shelters for the local homeless community. With the help of her mom (and phone assistance from her contractor grandfather), Hailey is learning the ropes of construction and is well on her way to finishing the first shelter, which will go to her friend Edward. Edward is also the inspiration for Hailey’s Harvest, the garden that Hailey created four years ago to provide fresh and healthy produce for those who are in need of food. In addition to the shelters and produce, Hailey’s Harvest is aiming to donate 500 feminine hygiene products, 1,000 toiletries, and 100 coats in 2015. Those interested in helping Hailey carry out her noble vision, can donate here; we’d love to see more similar youth-led efforts sprout up all over the country.

+ Hailey’s Harvest

via The Huffington Post