Make a Stand is an enthralling idea, turned company, created by then eight-year-old, Vivienne Harr. One day Harr saw a picture of two little boys with giant rocks strapped to their heads. When she asked her parents about these children, they told her about child slavery and Harr took a stand by deciding to do something about it. Her idea: start a lemonade stand and donate the profits to help end child slavery. This little girl ran her lemonade stand for an impressive 173 straight days, bringing in an even more impressive $101,320 for organizations that fight against child slavery. This alone is such a huge impact, and you’d think Harr’s job was done — but this youngster and her family didn’t stop at $100,000. Instead, they kept the momentum going by launching Make a Stand as a company selling fresh organic lemonade. The company currently gives half of all profits from every bottle sold to a “mutual fund” of carefully-vetted, hand-selected organizations that do industry-leading work in eradicating child slavery including Free the Slaves, UNICEF, Nepal Youth Foundation, the International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labor, and an organization that focuses on this issue here in the United States: GEMS: Girls Educational & Mentoring Services. Their mission? End child slavery, one bottle at a time, and inspire people with the message that anyone, at any age, can change the world.

Make a Stand Lemon-aid has more going for it than a good cause. This lemon-aid comes in two flavors, Original an infusion of lemons and raspberries and Kick a combo of lemons, yerba mate and ginger. Both flavors are all-natural, certified USDA organic, U.S. grown/Fair-Trade, GMO-free and “tunnel pasteurized” for a fresh, authentic homemade taste.  So, this is lemonade that does double the good – it’s healthy for your kids and it helps liberate children from a life of slavery. Interestingly, the company uses a pay-what-you-want/can method where you choose the price and “Pay what’s in your heart.” You can pay as little or as much as you feel you should for one 12 pack and shipping is always free. If you’re tired of child slavery, why not help Vivienne end it in her lifetime? Visit Make a Stand today to place your order.

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