Madsen Bucket bicycles are arguably the first urban bicycles designed to transport groceries, laundry, surfboards and kids (though not all at the same time). “After hauling six neighbor kids around in a wheel barrow bucket bolted to the front of our first prototype, we started to realize what a bicycle can really do,” say the folks behind the development of the Madsen kg271/BUCKET bike. Their end product is a stylish mode of utility cycling, perfect for green minded parents looking to combine urban errand running with fun kid hauling!

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The bikes have come a long way since that initial ‘barrow bucket’ prototype. Accessories that can be attached to the specially designed rear rack include a space case, wooden flatbed, cooler, taxi seats, or additional Yakima® bar attachments. To the front, one may attach a more conventional shopping basket. And though the initial story of whizzing around the city with kids in a wheelbarrow bucket makes the fellows at Madsen seem a bit ‘mad,’ it should be noted that the bucket included with the kg271 model comes equipped with a removable seat and two seatbelts.

Madsen Cycles also welcomes your suggestions (“Contact us with your ideas!”); heck, you can even call Jared Madsen directly on his published cell phone number (801) 870-1122… How’s that for opening the channels between manufacturer and consumer?

+ kg271/BUCKET bike retails for $1,299 at Madsen Cycles.

+ Madsen Cycles