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It’s commonplace to occupy a child’s time with television, computers and video games — but much grander adventures beckon in the great outdoors. Urbaniak’s simplistic and beautiful photographs are a reminder of the joys of basking in nature as the ultimate playrgound. Based in Lodz, Poland, Urbaniak and her family head to Lugowiska to spend some time unplugged. With a slew of cousins, a Jack Russel named Tosia and a skittish cat, the boys have the time of their lives exploring the countryside.

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In Urbaniak’s photographs, her sons spend hours fishing in a tranquil pond, taking naps under the cover of hay in the barn, or picking fruits from wild groves. The wide open fields become paths that beg to be run through and the rolls of hay bales dotting them become a warm place to take a rest.

What makes Urbaniak’s photos so striking is their sheer simplicity of total childhood joy, devoid of any indication of modern society. Children are relaxed and worry-free, with only thoughts of enjoying summer.

To keep with the timelessness of her images, the photographer converts her pictures to sepia in Photoshop, making each moment a classic one.

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Images © Izabela Urbaniak

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