For three year-old Georgie Craig, learning to walk hasn’t been categorized as a normal developmental milestone: it’s the result of hard work and the innovative use of a NASA spacesuit. Georgie, who was diagnosed with Global Development Delay at age 1, struggled to learn to walk and to communicate until his parents discovered an alternative therapy involving a Therasuit, originally used by astronauts to help rebuild muscle strength after returning from outer space. The challenging and rigorous play therapy helps Georgie train his brain, reflexes, and muscles to work together to help him walk. Since he began using the spacesuit last month, Georgia has made tremendous progress, including taking eleven unaided steps on Christmas Eve. His parents are hopeful that Georgie will continue making strides (literally) in his treatment and that he will begin making verbal progress as well. Unsurprisingly, this therapy is expensive, so if you’d like to support Georgie and his family and follow his progress, visit Georgie’s JustGiving Page.

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