A new breast pump on the market is raising the bar to provide a more comfortable and data-driven pumping experience for new mothers. The Naya Health Smart Pump is a water-based hydraulic system that allegedly does a better job of mimicking a baby’s natural suckle than other breast pumps on the market. Its high price tag is justified by a host of high-tech features, including the accompanying smartphone app that allows moms access to all sorts of information about their pumping sessions. See how it works in the video after the jump.

Unlike most breast pumps on the market, which use an air-based suction system to extract milk, the Naya Health Smart Pump relies on a water-based hydraulic system that translates into a smoother, gentler suction. Naya Health chief executive Janica Alvarez, a mother of three boys who founded the company with her husband Jeffery Alvarez, says that technology allows for a machine that more closely mimics the motions of a nursing baby. The Smart Pump also has a quieter motor than traditional pumps, as well as fewer removable parts to clean in between pumping sessions.

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The Bay area company began taking orders for the new pump last week. It debuts at $599, considerably higher than the average breast pump, and is expected to ship in August. Flexible spending account (FSA) and health savings account (HSA) funds can be used toward the purchase, and residents of the United States can take a tax deduction on the purchase, under new IRS rules that define lactation-related expenses such as breast pumps and milk storage bags as approved medical expenses for itemized deductions. The company is working with insurance providers to get on the list of covered medical devices, but there is no word on when that might become a reality.

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Although the Smart Pump isn’t even available yet, the company is already looking to the future. Next, they plan to introduce a Smart Bottle that “automatically measures how much milk is being expressed by mom and consumed by baby,” according to the company blog. It’s unclear how that will be an improvement over other baby bottles, which allow caregivers to see how much has been consumed based on simple measurement marks, but we’re curiously awaiting the launch of that product to learn more.

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