I have long felt that messenger bags make the very best diaper bags. They’re the perfect size, with plenty of pockets for stashing binkies, wipes, bibs, and basically every little piece of baby paraphernalia that needs to be toted around on a daily basis. Best of all, messenger bags allow parents to look sleek and sophisticated, instead of frumpy or cutesy.  Now, with the Urban Bag from Alchemy Goods, you can have a hip diaper bag that’s also eco-friendly and unique.

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The Urban Bag is made of 76% recycled materials, making it a great find for green-minded parents. Though not originally intended to serve as a diaper bag, it would be a fantastic one! Its strap (actually a recycled seat belt salvaged from a scrap yard), is super durable and comfortable. The outer material of the bag is made out of recycled inner tubes, and is 100% waterproof: an excellent feature to thwart damage from spills. The Urban Bag also offers a choice of several different lining colors, allowing you to customize your bag a bit.

Alchemy Goods, so named because they are transforming discarded materials into products with real worth, has recycled approximately 20,000 inner tubes to make their collection of recycled bags. On each bag, the Ag logo is accompanied by a specific number, which represents the percentage (by weight) of recycled materials in the bag.

Check out Alchemy Goods and their line of ultra-cool, eco-savvy bags and accessories!

+ Urban Messenger Bag $148.00