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New research suggests that consuming a high fat diet during pregnancy may have the potential to alter the quickly developing brain of a baby and may increase the child’s risk of obesity later in life. The study, published in the journal Cell and conducted via rodent moms and babies, was conducted by a team at Yale School of Medicine, and may explain why children of obese individuals are more likely to also become overweight later on in life. It’s already known that obesity runs in families, but this new research goes a bit further, suggesting that a high fat diet can actually influence offspring’s weight due to changes via DNA. One of the researchers, Prof Tamas Horvath, told the BBC that a high fat diet may,”Be a signal to the pup that it can grow bigger as the environment is plentiful in food. We definitely believe these are fundamental biological processes also affecting humans and influencing how children may eventually become obese.” This isn’t the first time a poor diet during pregnancy has been linked to problems. Past studies show that junk food during pregnancy may result in a junk food-loving kid and problems during labor and delivery. Clearly, while the scientists feel the study offers some concrete proof of the risks of a high fat diet during pregnancy, brain changes in human subjects are still unproven, so more research is needed. For the time being, it’s still important that you eat a healthy diet during pregnancy.

+ Neonatal Insulin Action Impairs Hypothalamic Neurocircuit Formation in Response to Maternal High-Fat Feeding

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