Looking for a chair that pleases adults and kids? The Abooba, designed by Jaewook Kim, fits the bill, offering parents a place to sit and kids a place to climb! Kim notes that Abooba means “piggyback” in Korean, and he designed this unique chair based on Sunday morning memories of waking his (still sleepy) dad up to play with him. He says, “I thought about a piece of furniture that the dad can rest up on and the kid can have fun with. For me, the best fun with my dad was riding on his shoulders. Thus, I came up with a space where the dad can sit and take a rest while the kid can have fun riding on something nearby him.” Kim’s chair allows kids to climb up to their parent’s shoulders without said parent actually having to rise to the occasion. There’s a nice flat surface for kids to sit upon when they reach the top of the chair, and Kim added surface weight to the legs so that this chair won’t fall backwards when kids climb on it. There’s also a handy net that adds some serious playground appeal and means that even young children can manage this climbing chair. No news yet if Abooba will be available for purchase, but you can contact Kim to learn more.

+ Jaewook Kim

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