With the motto “Sustainable design for the next generation“, Inhabitots is the baby / parenting focused website in the Inhabitat family. The site was started during the summer of 2008 by founder Jill Fehrenbacher as she prepared for the arrival of her first child in August 2008. We recognize that the birth of a child is a turning point in people’s lives and the impetus for many people to ‘go green’ and really start researching the materials and production involved in all items that closely touch our lives. With this in mind, was created as a resource for parents, families, and anyone else interested in sustainable modern design for children. With a focus on design specifically targeted at babies, toddlers and kids, is a supplement to the wider focus of


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BETH SHEA – Managing Editor Beth is the writer and founder of Petite Planet, a blog which focuses on eco-friendly living for families and informs parents of the best “green” choices for their babies and our planet. The birth of her daughter was her inspiration to take baby steps toward changing the world to preserve it for future generations. A former travel and spa writer, Beth swapped airline miles and body wraps for long stroller walks and quick showers. She is living her dream by being a mother to her two beautiful children, and a freelance writer. Follow Beth on Twitter @PetitePlanet
MARNI FOGELSON-TEEL – Senior Editor Marni Fogelson-Teel is a freelance writer living in Philadelphia, where she and her family take advantage of the green perks of city living including numerous parks and playgrounds, awesome farmer’s markets, and a proximity to hiking and running trails. Marni has written for Ecofabulous and Celsias and currently writes for Domino. She has also worked in PR and development for several national and international non-profit organizations. She is happiest cooking delicious and healthy food for family and friends, practicing yoga, exploring new cities and countries, and adventuring outside (or dancing in the kitchen) with her son, daughter, husband, and rescued mutt, Harvey.
JENNIFER CHAIT – Senior Editor Jennifer ChailtJennifer is a full-time freelance writer in the rainy Pacific Northwest and mom to a killer 15-year-old son. Her writing background includes website content, blogs, copy for non-profits, web projects, national magazine articles and business proposals and grants. Beyond writing for Inhabitots and Inhabitat, Jennifer writes for Growing a Green Family and a handful of other green-minded websites. Activities and obsessions other than writing include music, books, nature, chill people and barrels of coffee. Follow Jennifer on Twitter @jenniferchait
CAT DISTASIO – Contributing Writercat-distasio Cat DiStasio is a writer and founder of The Verdant Life, a blog focused on whole foods and green living. Cat is a passionate green homemaker and mama to two boys and two fur kids. In addition to her earth-loving ways, she works to raise awareness for attachment parenting, babywearing, intactivism, and budget-friendly living. Cat loves creating personal care recipes with essential oils and believes wholeheartedly in the healing power of freshly baked bread.
BEVERLEY MITCHELL – Contributing Writerbeverleybio
Beverley is an Australian-born, Montreal-based writer and editor with a background in contemporary visual art, craft and design management. From a long line of green thumbs, she is now coming to terms with Canadian urban balcony gardening after nine years in the Australian tropics, where she had a jungle for a backyard. Beverley’s love of organic gardening led her to permaculture, which particularly influenced her with its concept of self-sustaining systems. She is interested in seeing this concept applied not only small-scale food production, but business models, consumer products and project development as well. When she’s not writing, editing or being stepmom to two inspiring teenagers, you’ll find her cooking or thrifting.
JASMIN MALIK CHUA – Senior Editorjasmin-chua Jasmin is a word wrangler and Treehugger writer who lives just across the Hudson in Jersey City, where she indulges in her penchant for cupcakes, zombies, and her search for the perfect soy chai latte. A 12-year veteran of the publishing industry, she has a master of science in biomedical journalism from New York University and a PhD in poopy diapers. Follow Jasmin on Twitter @jasminchua.
YUKA YONEDA – Contributing Writer Yuka is a writer and designer from Queens, New York. She received her bachelor’s in Business Management from Stony Brook University, and holds a degree in Exhibition Design from F.I.T. In 2008, Yuka looked in the mirror and didn’t like what she saw. Always feeling like there was something missing from her life, she had turned to excess, amassing a mountain of clothes, shoes, bags and random tchotchkes to fill the void. In an act of desperation, she founded as a guide for urbanites wanting to change their piggish ways and has been learning and smiling more ever since. When she is not writing about sustainable design, Yuka amuses herself by making trash into treasure, hunting for goodies at her favorite thrift shop, The Family Jewels, and trying to eat every type of food in the world.