With its multiple rearview mirrors, motorized axel and fold-out tent, Bruce Maynard’s solar powered stroller seems like baby gear on steroids — but 74 year old Bruce didn’t retro fit the motorized baby stroller dubbed ‘Sam’ for his grandchildren… he’s planning on using it himself to trek diagonally across America from Washington State to Key West, Florida.

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So, why a stroller? “I wanted to take some creature comforts along,” says Bruce. “I didn’t want to carry them.” In the jogging model stroller, Bruce will carry a computer, cell phone, camping gear, food and water — or about the same amount of stuff parents cart around in strollers on a daily basis, sans the kid.

The solar panels power a motor that will help Bruce navigate steep terrain, and boat-hook poles will be used to construct a sturdy tent that will shelter both Bruce and ‘Sam.’ The trip, which is still in the planning stages, is set to begin in April.

via The News Tribune