Decorating a child’s room to take them from infancy through childhood often means lots of redecorating: Most 7-year-olds are less than thrilled with the baby bunnies or smiling suns that they once found so charming. These prayer flags from Cazmira, inspired by Buddhist traditions, are a beautiful way to dress up your tot’s room or doorway at any age and imbue it with a sense of stylish spirituality. Screenprinted with non-toxic, light-fast ink, the cotton flags bear artful images with lots of meaning behind them: examples include a sparrow to represent good luck, a bean sprout to represent growth, and a nest to signify the home. Cazmira will work with you to choose the five prayer flags (and sentiments or wishes) you want most for your little one, or you can choose from their already made options. Cazmira also can make an adorable wall hanging bearing the letters of your child’s name accompanied by animals.

+ Personalize Prayer Flags $45.00

+ Inspirational Prayer Flags $35.00

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