The ADF Design Collection Customizable Cardboard Cot is indeed different looking from most traditional cots and baby bassinets, but if you’re willing to think outside the box; or well, inside the box, then this cardboard cot may be the answer to your little one’s eco-friendly dreams. The cot is safe and stable, resting on large wheels that make moving it from nursery, to your bedside, to the living room a breeze. Delivered flat-packed and very easy to assemble, this cot comes with a mattress that complies with the same safety and comfort standards that a traditional baby’s bed does. This cot looks great plain and unfettered, or you can customize the cot and make it your own. Draw on it, paint it, cover it with stamps or even add your child’s name. Once your child outgrows his cot, use it as mobile storage for stuffed animals, other toys or the surplus of blankets most kids end up with.

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