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Molly Goodall, Little Goodall‘s founder and designer, can make her coats fit a 12 month-old, and up to a size 6. Each coat is fully lined for warmth and hooded; most come with deep, handy pockets! Goodall even paid attention to finer details that you and your child will love, like small claws on the sleeves of the wolf coat and small teeth on the hood of the lion coat, as well as detachable velcro tails! If Little Goodall doesn’t have your child’s favorite animal, you can contact her about custom coats. It takes about 2 to 4 weeks to ship (some sizes are in stock already), so order now if you want it in time for Halloween! As you’d expect from anything quality crafted and handmade, the price isn’t exactly cheap, but these critter coats are so cute and cozy that your kiddo will want to wear ’em all winter long — which will serve you far better than some plastic and spandex hunk-o-junk Spiderman costume.

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