There are some seriously crafty parents out there, like Lori Danelle who took shipping pallets and transformed them into the cutest toddler bed. So cute, in fact, you might even consider figuring out how to make this into your own adult size bed. Lori took two shipping pallets, cut them and pieced them together to make this eco- and kid-friendly toddler bed and even shares her hints and tips for the DIY project on her blog.

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We first saw this amazing DIY project over at Design*Sponge as a before and after project and fell in love with Lori’s great sense of style as well as her great use of recycled materials. The toddler bed would make for a super-fun weekend project that would end with your kiddo being super excited about their new “big kid” bed and even a great way to share the DIY and reuse mentality.

All you need are a two or three shipping pallets, some bolts and screws, 4 caster wheels, and various tools to cut and sand the pallets down to the right size. Lori gives a pretty good step by step with great photos to explain the process, which could easily be modified to create a larger bed for a regular twin or maybe even your own adult bed. Lori also gives a few good tips about pallets – make sure to look for pallets marked with a “HT” on the side, which stands for Heat Treated, instead of marked with “MB,” which means the wood was treated with chemicals to protect it from insects.

+ Lori Danelle

Via Design*Sponge

Photos: Lori Danelle