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Plagiocephaly helmets could be a necessary step for children suffering from the syndrome, which due to their soft skulls, can cause deformation known as flat-head syndrome. In order to combat potential deformity, the helmets are worn to serve as a guide for the growing and hardening skull. Rather than have a child appear as if they have a handicap, Strawn decided to custom paint the helmet of a friend’s baby, turning it into an adorable addition to her outfit.

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Strawn’s designs range from all-over patterns, to larger art works. A popular theme is the vintage leather baby pilot helmet, complete with painted on goggles and stitching. Another model is painted like a watermelon, with “Fixin’ my melon” emblazoned across the front, making for a precious metaphor.

Strawn is also talented at art work reproduction, having painted famous works by Van Gogh, Seurat, Maurice Sendak, whose illustrations for “Where the Wild Things Are” brought the book to life for both children and adults.

The arty helmets can be custom ordered in any pattern, theme or pleasing palette. To date, Strawn has created over 1,200 helmets that have helped the healing process become a little more inspirational.

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