Eco-designer and Treehugger contributor Petz Scholtus, created ‘Affected,’ a collection of cork animal bulletin boards to deliver a daily reminder of climate change via thoughtfully designed decor. Each creature in the ‘Affected’ series is currently suffering the harrowing effects of global warming as their natural habitats and very existence are being threatened. Polar bears, tree frogs, and migratory songbirds, are just a few of the thousands of animal species that are facing extinction; and they are the highlight of Scholtus’ collection. Kids can tack on saving the planet to their list of to-dos while utilizing these eco-friendly bulletin boards that give back.

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Regarding the sustainable cork material at the core of her bulletin board design Petz explains, “By using cork, we keep the cork oak forests alive, one of the most sustainable natural habitats and home of several endangered species with the highest level of biodiversity in southwest Europe and northwest Africa.”

Additionally, 2% of the proceeds from sales of ‘Affected’ bulletin boards will be donated to Tree-Nation in an effort to fight climate change, desertification and poverty.

Talk about a serious ‘note to self.’

+ Affected Bulletin Boards available at Kikkerland

via Treehugger