There’s no question that maintaining one’s personal style as a new, overtasked parent is a real challenge. Couple this with the time and energy it takes to identify truly fashionable and sustainably-produced clothing and eco accessories, and it is no wonder that some moms resort to easy to don mommy ‘uniforms’ that seem to slip on automatically. Enter design label Alabama Chanin, a real working mother’s dream. Natalie Chanin and her team of incredibly talented artisans create the most covetable and easy-to-wear, hand-stitched organic cotton tees and denim skirts and jackets. Chanin’s philosophy is all about no woman being left behind. Her collaborative enterprise at ‘The Factory’ in Florence is an impressive enterprise in creating right-livelihoods for local folk in a fashion that it is pro-community and pro-active. Read our coverage of Alabama Chanin’s latest ‘The Songbirds’ collection at New York Fashion Week. Even Peteyour littlest InhabiTOT (Jill’s son), approves of Alabama Chanin’s fabulously designed ‘slow-fashion’! We introduced him to designer Natalie Chanin (pictured above), and he proceeded to plant her with a giant kiss in celebration of good green design!


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