ALBURNO’s website has descriptions in Italian (which I don’t speak) and English, yet neither language is needed as it’s quite easy to discover the refined quality and minimalistic craftsmanship by reviewing the many pictures displayed of Tilacino, Dodo and Baiji.

The series is called ‘LAST’ and is designed by Nicolò Bottarelli who created the toys as a means for kids to interact with, and become curious about animals they will never meet. Nicolò hopes that this with spark an interest in conservation as the child learns more about why and how the animal came to be extinct.

As is stated on the ALBURNO project site, the toys are all made by hand “using traditional techniques, similar to those used in the past… we wanted to recreate the forms of extinct animals, ideally bringing them to life.” Not only that, the designer kept the production local to the town of Biella “the territory in which the study is, in order to be able to ensure maximum attention during the various stages of production.”

+ LAST Wooden Animals €45 each