Breastfeeding is such a lovely time to bond with baby, but many infants take a few days or weeks to get the hang of it, during which time a mother’s sensitive nipples really start to wear and tear. But the vast majority of nipple soothers and nursing balms on the market contain lanolin, a waxy substance secreted by sheep, so what’s a vegan mom to do? And the last thing we want to put on that area (ie where anything is easily absorbed into baby’s mouth) is a chemical-based cream or ointment — so we’re thrilled to finally find a natural, plant-based nursing balm made of soothing ingredients like organic cocoa and shea butter and organic aloe. Aleva Naturals’ balm contains no lanolin or parabens, so you can soothe dry and chapped nipples safely and frequently, sans animal products and toxins.

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