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Each Build-it Disc is not only made from 50% recycled paper, but is itself entirely recyclable. The kits come in units of 25 durable double walled cardboard discs for $55.  Unlike toy blocks, Build-it Discs allow kids to make their imaginations a reality. Rather than building scaled-down buildings and forts, the unique lightweight, yet durable discs fit together to create structures of enormous proportions!

With help from an adult, the discs can be built into a rising tower that enlivens a classroom. At home, kids can spend hours constructing their own fort inside or out, that can used to read, play or nap in for days and days. Museums, with lots of open space, can benefit from the low cost kits by creating large scale installations that can be easily disassembled and transported (weighing virtually nothing!).

The Build-it Discs challenge kids (and adults) to explore design and architecture in a fun way, and also encourage team work, collaboration and participation. Not to mention, they will delight in the allure of building these large scale forts and towers that tower over them!

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