Chapped and sun-smacked lips need lots of TLC these days, regardless of climate or rugged outdoor pursuits. The sun feels stronger, and environmental stresses are increasingly a factor. We could think of no better way to nurture and soften one’s lips than with All The Better To Kiss You With eco lip balms. Created by a Mom for concerned Moms and their families, these certified organic lip treats are a great way to insure that everyone in your family will be coddled and lip swaddled, day in and day out – and all the better for it.

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We first discovered All The Better To Kiss You With lip balms when collaborating with founder Diana Lussenden Stewart, during one of Inhabitat’s holiday parties. Diana’s organic skincare products were a smashing success with our party attendees, and everyone was particularly smitten with the organic eco lip balm gift sets, which were definitely snatched up in a flash.

Diana has worked her magic once again with this season’s yummy new flavors looking fresh and oh-so tempting in their vintage recyclable tin packaging. How exotic (and cruelty-free) to coat one’s lips with balms of Chai Mandarin, Lavender Vanilla, Pomegranate, and Pepperminty. As a part of the Baby Bear Shop product line, ‘All The Better To Kiss You With’ organic balms contain 100% natural ingredients, with no artificial anything, and are totally free of common allergens. With no artificial colors or fragrances, no synthetic preservatives, no genetically modified ingredients, and no parabens, you’re getting only the best, topped off with organic or wild-crafted essential oils that are as natural as they are deliciously aromatic. Whether for the entire family or simply as an eco-luxe treat to toss in your vegan leather tote, ‘All the Better To Kiss You With’ makes organic health and beauty a tasty delight.

Gift sets retail for $17.99; individual .25 oz tins for $5.99

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