We’re already a huge fan of Maple Shade Kids’ wonderfully useful (and adorable) handcrafted peg racks, and to be honest, we were perfectly content with these peg racks in darling owl form. Still, all owls, all the time, while cute as cute can be, isn’t for every kid. If your child is a little more wild, you have to see this shop’s newest alligator peg rack. This wonderful Alligator and Little Bird Peg Rack is made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified poplar wood and painted a brilliant non-toxic Hauser green. A fresh variety of colorful papers have been delicately hand cut and adhered with non-toxic glue to add texture and color and the entire product is finished with several coats of a non-toxic soy-based sealer.

+ Alligator and Little Bird Peg Rack $69.00

+ Maple Shade Kids