We’re always looking for innovative arts and crafts activities for our family, and finding out about Alphabet Glue is like hitting the jackpot. Alphabet Glue bills itself as “an e-magazine for families who love books,” and although our family definitely fits the book-obsessed bill, we think Alphabet Glue offers fun, hands-on, and approachable activities for any family. The projects are super creative, yet completely doable: think matchbox libraries, cardboard telescopes, frozen bubble paintings, kitchen counter stalactites, and more. Each volume also contains inspiring reading lists, with themes ranging from the seasons to rainy days to the night sky. You can even preview Alphabet Glue’s sample projects (many of which are inspired by books) to see if this awesome e-zine is for you.

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We love how Alphabet Glue repurposes many things found around the house (like cereal box notebooks) instead of calling for random, expensive, or hard-to-track down materials. The e-format makes for an easy, instantaneous start since you don’t have to wait for snail mail to bring your issues, plus there’s already 16 previous issues for your family to catch up on (each with about 8 activities included). E-zines are especially green since there aren’t tons of trees being used for the printing and mailing process, and the affordable price tag of $4 per issue makes Alphabet Glue a bargain compared to many arts and crafts classes offered these days. For that friend, sibling, or any other fellow parent looking for more fun to fill all those summertime hours, Alphabet Glue offers gift bundles as well as previous individual issues. Nothing like a multimedia crafts explosion to keep midsummer’s boredom at bay.

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