LEGO pro Rod Gillies has taken his LEGO skills to the next level. Inspired by the new Superman mini figure by LEGO, he built a classic TV console with a snapshot of the hero flying across the screen. Only this Superman actually flies, gliding across the LEGO skyscape behind him!

The LEGO TV is complete with oversized wood accents and even rabbit ears, a throwback to the TV’s we watched Christopher Reeve fly across in the early 1980s. Gillies’ Superman glides across a sky pixilated by LEGO blocks.

Soaring over green hills, skyscrapers and clouds, the mini figure remains stationary while the LEGO scroll moves behind it. The innovative LEGO enthusiast has built inspiring projects from space ships to temples, but this is his first attempt at animating the toy blocks. We think it turned out pretty great, don’t you?

+ Rod Gillies

Via Gizmodo

Image ©Rod Gillies