Playing on the common and endearing mispronunciation of the word “animals,” Aminals is the latest creation from design and furniture company Studio Dunn. The twelve piece set contains common favorite animals as well as more obscure creatures including an owl, a hippo, a kangaroo, a polar bear, a squid, a chameleon, a rhino, a panda, an eagle, a sloth (potentially our favorite), a whale, and an elephant that all fit together like a puzzle. Each animal is simply yet effectively portrayed with lines, and the sustainable set makes the most of lumber leftovers from other Studio Dunn products.

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Aminals are crafted from maple, cherry, and walnut trees, making a striking decoration when the puzzle is completed. These animal blocks are also great on their own for imaginative play and are functional too — we’d use some of the larger animals as bookends. Because they are so kid-friendly and cool looking at the same time, we think they’d easily be at home on display or on a teacher or a doctor’s desks for little visitors. Each “Aminal” is coated in a nut-free, food-safe finish. The set is recommended for ages 2 and up, but we bet you won’t be able to keep your hands off them either. Due to their simple, sturdy construction, these Aminals will surely be around for generations.

+ Aminals $125.00 for a set of 12 animals