There’s a new wooden bike on the block. And with features such as embossed flames, an embroidered chopper-styled seat, and a fat black-walled rear tire, it’s bound to quickly race to the head of the pack. According to the website, Early Rider mini cycles are the “most stylish, perfectly made and safest bikes available.” While there really isn’t a quantifiable way to prove that last bit, just one look at these bikes confirms the first two claims.

Early Rider, a British company, was created by dad, Andy Loveland, who set out to design a stabilizer-free bike both he and his son would love. The first prototype, the ‘Classic,’ was completed utilizing British innovation, and borrowing copious amounts of West coast lowrider flair. With fundamentals that seem to be in line with those found in a LIKEaBIKE, PedoBike or Wishbone, it is obvious that Early Rider is simply going for that ‘Easy Rider’ nostalgia. With the resulting bikes pictured here, who can blame them?

Yet with a wooden bike this mean looking, I am surprised that the Early Rider website does not yet offer helmets in their “complete the look” section – even biker dudes wear those. (Leather jacket, mirrored shades and stars and stripes bandana optional).

Early Riders start at $159 at the North American distributor’s website (which includes UPS international shipping to the US).

+Early Rider