The design concept for the ANDREA air filter, previously dubbed the Bel-Air, was featured on Inhabitat two years ago in its prototype phase. We’re revisiting this savvy innovation since it recently came to fruition and became available for purchase this week. Invented by French designer Mathieu Lehanneur with Harvard professor David Edward, ANDREA transforms household plants into air cleaners which effectively rid indoor air of toxins and pollutants to purify baby’s nursery or any room in the house.

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40 times more efficient than HEPA or activated carbon filters, and requiring no filter changes, ANDREA “naturally purifies air by drawing it with a whisper-quiet fan to propel it through the leaves and root system of a plant, then out through water and soil filtration and back into the room environment.”

As opposed to collecting pollution on a filter surface, the plant’s natural metabolic activity performs a biochemical transformation of waste which eliminates pollution. Any house plant may be used in conjunction with the ANDREA Air Filter to absorb and metabolize noxious chemicals, but the best performing varieties include: Spath or peace lily, Red-edged dragon tree, Spider plant and Aloe Vera.

+ Andrea Air Purifier $199.99