Curiosity and an active imagination are among out favorite kid qualities, and we adore toys that encourage new ways of thinking. Morris, a stuffed anglerfish toy is a perfect example: this reversible fish was designed to teach kids about anatomy. Artist and creator Rachel Ciavarella wanted Morris, who is named after her childhood goldfish, to encourage kids to play and learn with this interactive and highly tactile stuffed animal. Each element of the anglerfish is made of a different material such as fleece, canvas, and sateen, that was chosen for kids to investigate in a hands-on way. The toy looks like a typical blue stuffed fish from the outside, but when kids invert Morris, they open up a whole new world of questions and inquiries about the aquatic animal. It’s pretty rare for young kids to have the opportunity to (humanely) explore and touch an animal’s innards, and Morris offers a cool intro to biology and and unconventional artistry. Having one of these guys around would certainly make science class much more entertaining! In order to produce a school of Morris stuffies, Ciavarella launched a Kickstarter campaign and is partnering with an Illinois company so that these educational and fun fish can be produced on a larger scale and sent around the world.

+ Morris’s Kickstarter campaign

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