We are pleased to announce the winner of our Bambino Baby Gift Box giveaway!

Drumroll please!

And the winner is…


For answering the question: “How do you plan to green your lifestyle for your new baby” with the following response…

“My baby was due in June so he’s three months old–I’ve tried really hard to be as green as possible as we navigate through the insane baby industry! We had a baby shower where people brought their favorite childhood book–literally, their own copy if they still had it. We received many well-loved and worn copies of some great children’s classics. For the nursery, we used all Safecoat paint and recycled furniture that we bought on craig’s list. I turned a $35 dresser into a changing table with a little paint and some old wallpaper. In addition, we bought the rest of the baby gear from parents in the neighborhood through a yahoo group that we’re a part of….a used oeuf crib/mattress, a used stroller, a bumbo seat, baby bjorn, an oeuf lounger. We are also swapping stuff with friends–we have all our upstairs neighbor’s baby items that her son has grown out of (car seat, clothing, mobile, high chair) with the understanding that we’ll give it back should she have a 2nd child. Another friend who had a baby six weeks after us gives us clothes that she received that are too big for her baby and we return the favor with clothes that our little one has grown out of. We also cloth diaper through a great local diaper service (diaperkind!) and breast feed exclusively. And I’m super excited for when my son is ready to eat because I canned applesauce and peaches this year with all the produce from our CSA! I guess I’m just a green-nerd–but it feels nice to be able to something, however small.”

Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter our giveaway! Stay tuned to Inhabitots for more great, green giveaways to come!