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Incredibly, this year Blank Space, an online architectural platform, received a whopping 1,200 participants from 65 countries for the 2015 Fairy Tales competition. The winners, along with eleven chosen honorable mentions, will be a part of Blank Space’s next book, Fairy Tales: When Architecture Tells a Story Volume 2, designed by Bruce Mau with a cover by Vicente Garcia-Morillo.

After much deliberation, with difficulty the winners were chosen from a set of qualified entries. First place was awarded to Zigeng Wang, a Masters student at Princeton University, for “Empty,” a hyperrealistic sci-fi inspired tale about ethical and environmental dilemmas in a post-industrial world.

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Second place, “Beautifully Banal” by Alexander Culler and Danny Travis, uses CAD drawings to transform an everyday scenario into a fantastical and stylized scene: a fly trapped inside an office building. Because of all the great entries, third place was a tie. The colorful “Screenland, By a Pixel,” by Samantha Lee and Zhan Wang celebrates the underlying beauty of the building block of the digital world, comparing it to an atom of contemporary architecture creation. “CTRL C- CTRL ME” by Pauline Marcombe, Helene Marcombe and Jay Robinson follows an architect who shrinks smaller and smaller under the pressures of technology and business rules, until his inspiration and vision becomes simply regulation.

All of these stories and more can be enjoyed in Fairy Tales: When Architecture Tells a Story Volume 2, which is available for pre-order for just $14.

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