Premature babies are among the toughest little fighters we’ve ever seen, but much of the hard work these little ones are doing requires them to be in an incubator to reduce risk of infection and to get the health interventions they need until they’re strong enough to breathe and function unassisted. For parents of preemies, those weeks and months waiting to hold and cuddle baby feel like forever, and many worry that they are missing out on valuable bonding time. They also may stress out about the fact that the new world that baby just entered is a giant contrast to the quiet, cozy one that he or she left. To help fashion a more womb-like environment for preemies, of which 15 million were born last year, Samsung is creating “Voices of Life”, an app that connects to a speaker system in the baby’s incubator. The app records mom’s heartbeat, so that baby can feel the comfort of the womb again. It also offers a way for parents to record their voice telling stories, singing lullabies, and just generally talking to their new baby. The app cleverly “wombifies” or muffles the sounds to create the sensation that the baby is still inside the mother, easing the transition to the bright, loud outside world. The app can be used anywhere, which is a huge advantage for parents who can’t spend every single second of the day in the NICU with their little ones. We imagine “Voice of Life” would be a sanity-saver for parents who go back to work in hopes of earning additional parental leave when the baby does come home, for moms and dads who have other kiddos at home and can’t be at the hospital as often as they’d like, and for parents who might live a distance from their preemie’s medical center. By recording and sending the messages to their preemies while they are still in the hospital, parents can feel their own connection to their baby grow while helping their preemie’s brain develop.

via Android Authority