Are you looking a fun game your kids can play on your iPad while also inspiring them to learn about how our delicate ecosystem works? Non profit conservation organization Rainforest Alliance, has partnered with the Stepping Stones Museum for Children and Ruckus Media to create a new fun and educational iPad App, the Rainforest Survival Challenge. Designed for children aged 4 to 12 years, the game aims to educate children about plants and animals in the Amazonian Forest, and the various forces impacting their survival.

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A tech savvy 8 year old girl took on the job of tester. She was first dealt 5 species cards by the computer, which she then had to mix and match to determine which animal had the best chances of survival when up against other environmental factors. In just a short session her level of understanding about the interaction of Amazonian rainforest animals and plants grew, together with an appreciation of what other factors threaten the delicate rainforest including man-made influences such as logging, development, and poaching . Ultimately, you win if you have more survivors than the computer. Although it was not always clear why our tester lost a game, overall this iPad app got a thumbs up from our young reviewer, and we think we may have an environmental lobbyist in the making!

+ Rainforest Survival Challege iPad App $3.99